Need Something More

I’m needing more creative expression in my life. I’m working a job that is serving it’s purpose…but it is not where my passions lie.

I want more

This is the best ted talk I have ever watched. Follow your impulses. When you have an idea, write it down, act on it. You are the only thing standing in your way of what you want.

New Music Revolution coming out of Egypt

Electro-Chaabi. I just heard of it on NPR this morning. It is a genre of music mixing traditional sounds with modern hip-hop, rap, reggeaton, and electronic.

Electro-Chaabi is: “Emancipation of the body and unspoken words, the transgression of religious taboos.
Much more than a simple musical phenomenon, electro chaabi is a salutary discharge for a youth haunted by the shackles that the Egyptian society imposes….Victims of corruption and social segregation, the youth of the poorer neighbourhoods exorcize their strife by partying…”(1)

Enjoy ;)


Requiem for a Dream

This is so fucked up. These people’s addictions take over their lives and make them hurt the people they love the most. It is a sobering truth that exists…even if we choose to pretend that its not there. Addiction to any outside substance can make you into a crazy person, doing things you wouldn’t normally do…because you are motivated by something primal. These people become so obsessed with the high that they will do anything to get it. They are slaves to this visceral desire within themselves to get away from reality.

I think there is a little bit of this desire to escape in all of us…

It just depends…

how far down the rabbit hole you want to go?

Enjoy this…

…in a room with sunlight streaming in the window and a steaming cup of tea waiting for you on the table for when the song ends.

Let your brother laugh at your silly moves…letting loose brings you so much joy so you don’t care.

Spinning like a top in those wool socks on the dark hardwood floor

These are the moments you live for