Keeping up is hard

Like I said, keeping up is hard to do. The things that make me feel sustainably good are pretty obvious to me, but for some reason sometimes I stubbornly refuse to do them. Most of the time, I use laziness as an excuse. Laziness is a socially acceptable excuse to not challenge yourself. It’s bullshit really. If you know what you need to do, you know what makes you YOU and you know what to do to create change in your life, just do it. If laziness is your excuse, man, that is just sad. What could people really do if they got off their butts and acted on their – oh I should do this, I should do that, but I can’t cause I’m too lazy.

I know I am working on this. It is a constant struggle to keep up, to even motivate myself to want to keep up. I could just slip back into a space where I don’t care to keep up, to challenge myself to be my best, where I just go with the flow. It is easy to be lazy, in the moment anyway. Over time it really catches up with you. It’s not very good for the self-esteem either. Lazy, is not a quality that I value. Yeah, it’s not an adjective I want to associate myself with.

There is definitely a difference between being lazy and not accomplishing anything and consciously deciding to do nothing. There are two very different things. One is still in control of one’s self, while the other is indifferent. When I have things to do and get lazy, electronic music usually helps me get going.

I ❤ Rusko


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