is necessary. This past term I took a class entirely on Gandhi and his nonviolent movement and philosophy. I was inspired by his autobiography in which he is completely and neutrally honest about his faults, mistakes and shortcomings as a human being and throughout his life movements. Wow!

From this point on. It’s complete honesty. I am an open book.

I long to surrender myself to this experience of life, to surrender my ego to the Guru, to commit my life to one of love and service.

I can relate this feeling to when you have to pee really bad, but all the stalls are full, and it’s impossible to think about anything else because you need to go so bad. I want to be able to harness my gifts and use them to serve in some way, but I don’t know in what way that is. I want to know already! I want to be fulfilled in this sense, of my service to the world.

I am just being impatient. I can be so stubborn. I want what I want, and I want it now.

I gotta say, being honest about myself, including the negative stuff, is scary. In a way, it’s not so bad because I am just writing on a computer.



What did you think?

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