Thank god for cold showers. There are the ultimate cure for depression and laziness.

I love jumping under that cold water and chanting “waheguru, waheguru waheguru!”

I am also thinking “VICTORY!”

I have so much fun, I even start dancing in the shower

I’ve been doing the Smiling Buddha meditation, it’s been really good for me. When I started doing it, it was hard to keep a smile because I would start crying. Wow. I was like, this is really helping me get through some serious stuff. It really does help me to feel loved and whole and happy. I’ve found that I have a more impactful experience with it if I do it in the morning before I leave the house for the day. So, I’m doing it before I leave the house, but it also means sometimes I leave the house later than I would like because I spend time procrastinating sitting down and doing my meditation, like writing this blog entry…..

Here is where you can download the chant, I recomend the second one:



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