Just Do It

I leave for New Mexico next week!  😀

I can't wait for those big blue skies

This morning I was able to get up at a decent time and do Jaap Ji and my meditation. Awesome, big pat on the back for me! Not too much procrastination, I feel good.

I understand now the importance of having a daily spiritual practice, a sadhana. It really is what keeps you going! It is inevitable there are days that are going to be sad, hard, frustrating, stressful but a daily practice, I am finding, makes it easier to deal with those days. Making that daily connection with your Self, your soul, is comforting. It reminds me what life is all about and that there is hope.

The most important factor in being able to keep up with a spiritual practice, I feel is self-discipline. Yes, you can have the desire to do something everyday for yourself, a meditation, yoga set, take a walk through the woods, write in a journal, etc, but for me anyways, even though I know these things are good for me, and I want to have that good feeling afterwards, it can be really hard for me to literally just be able to do it. So, Nike has a point, Just Do It. So, one must be disciplined enough to be able to even sit down and meditate. This is a problem I have been struggling with since I graduated from Miri Piri Academy in 2008. (http://www.miripiriacademy.org/). Yes, I wanted to meditate everyday, do yoga, be active, do good things for myself, but there was something in me, laziness or lack of discipline that kept me from just doing it.

I feel like I’m overcoming that. I have been able to do this Buddha meditation consistently everyday for the past few weeks and I’m going to do at least 40 days. It is the first 40 days of anything I’ve done since MPA. It feels good to be taking control of my life! Taking that half an hr or so everyday snowballs into other part of my life. When I am mentally more sound, and secure, I am able to deal with the rest of my life more effectively.

I want to live my life this way, disciplined, spiritually-oriented and devoted. It is what is pulling me through right now. I just pray that when life gets easier I am still able to keep up despite the fact that I don’t have pain and lonliness to deal with on a daily basis.

This is a hukham I took at a time when I was questioning life and what the point is when it is just a constant struggle to keep up and keep focused. I’ve bookmarked it so I can remind myself of this.

slok mÚ 1 ]
salok ma 1 ||
Salok, First Mehla:
vyil ipM\wieAw kiq vuxwieAw ]
vael pi(n)n(j)aaeiaa kath vunaaeiaa ||
The cotton is ginned, woven and spun;
kit kuit kir KuMib cVwieAw ]
katt kutt kar khu(n)b charraaeiaa ||
the cloth is laid out, washed and bleached white.
lohw vFy drjI pwVy sUeI Dwgw sIvY ]
lohaa vadtae dharajee paarrae sooee dhhaagaa seevai ||
The tailor cuts it with his scissors, and sews it with his thread.
ieau piq pwtI isPqI sIpY nwnk jIvq jIvY ]
eio path paattee sifathee seepai naanak jeevath jeevai ||
Thus, the torn and tattered honor is sewn up again, through the Lord’s Praise, O Nanak, and one lives the true life.
hoie purwxw kpVu pwtY sUeI Dwgw gMFY ]
hoe puraanaa kaparr paattai sooee dhhaagaa ga(n)dtai ||
Becoming worn, the cloth is torn; with needle and thread it is sewn up again.
mwhu pKu ikhu clY nwhI GVI muhqu ikCu hMFY ]
maahu pakh kihu chalai naahee gharree muhath kishh ha(n)dtai ||
It will not last for a month, or even a week. It barely lasts for an hour, or even a moment.
scu purwxw hovY nwhI sIqw kdy n pwtY ]
sach puraanaa hovai naahee seethaa kadhae n paattai ||
But the Truth does not grow old; and when it is stitched, it is never torn again.
nwnk swihbu sco scw iqcru jwpI jwpY ]1]
naanak saahib sacho sachaa thichar jaapee jaapai ||1||
O Nanak, the Lord and Master is the Truest of the True. While we meditate on Him, we see Him. ||1||

…time to go study for finals.


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