Ok this is for realz now

ok peoples….I’ve been procrastinating writing this post, if you read that Gandhi quote below, well that’s why…been just not able to commit. Ok here goes my daily sadhana that I am committing to right NOW!

1.) I will take a cold shower every morning (It really is physically impossible to feel depressed in a cold shower, really helps to get you out of a funk, then again as I’m writing this I’m like oh god what are you thinking just stop, delete now, but no, I really gotta do this) This video is just great, see how vibrant she is?!

Wearing kacheras fixes the problem of trying to keep your thighs out of the cold water


2.) I will read Jaapji every morning!

3.) I will do the Smiling Buddha meditation everyday (link to how to do the meditation is in a earlier post)

4.) I will refer to a list of positive affirmations and quotes when I am sad and also make a list of things I can do to makes myself feel better (need to still make this, but definitely going to include The Rebel tarot card)

oh yeah, I can do this. Ok, This is happening!


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