Whats all this hype about Sustainability?

Well, it’s kind of how we should have been thinking already actually. These days there are so many dead ends. Lets just talk about trash, I mean, if you really think about it, what an egotistical concept, that you can consume and dump the leftovers somewhere in the land or the sea (or space) and that it won’t eventually come back to haunt you. Sure, one person can think like that, but if everyone in the world has the mindset that they can just consume and dump the leftovers (trash) and not have to think about it twice, they are just delusional. It really makes me mad where our society has gone…we have forgotten our roots. We have forgotten to properly appreciate this earth which provides us with everything we need to survive.

My real point that I’d like to jump to is that living sustainably is not just an external thing, it does not only relate to the products you buy and how you manage the waste, but it can also be applied to your life in other ways.

Right now in my life I am working on cultivating sustainable happiness, which I believe can only come from within. Everything outside of you is not certain. The only thing in life that is certain that I feel I can always rely on is my connection to the Self. It is work but the feeling of contentment that comes is so much more satisfying than anything I have ever felt from an external source. I think it is because it is devoid of any worry or stress that this external thing may not be there to always make me happy. Happiness that comes from within is always available as long as you are willing to put in a bit of effort to connect to it.

“Whenever you are at your lowest–when you are most depressed, when your partner has left you, when you’ve lost your job–that is the time to fight your true enemy: delusion. Think to yourself: “Now is the time to do battle, to go to war with the samsaric emotions. Samsara has never brought any real happiness and now is the time for me to realize this.” When you do this, you’re making war with your inner enemy; you are taking steps to conquer the enemy that has defeated you for endless samsaric rebirths, from time without beginning. All other seeming enemies cannot last long once the inner enemy has fallen.”

“As long as we believe that happiness has to come from outside, from other people or from the external environment, we will always blame something outside whenever we have a problem. Many people, for example, think that their problems come from their parents. They say “I’m like this because of my mother and father. My parents are to blame.” In a way, Western culture as a whole teaches children to blame their parents for their problems, rather than emphasizing how kind parents are in giving life to their children. But real happiness has nothing to do with the past, with our history, or our upbringing. Real happiness comes when we free ourselves from the dissatisfied mind of desire. Satisfaction comes when we give ourselves freedom from the always unhappy mind of desire.”

-Lama Zopa Rinpoche, from How to be Happy

Accept you as you. Just be.


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