Sheeattle Sikh Camp

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Recently I had a wonderful weekend filled with Cherdi Kala at the Seattle Sikh Retreat!

It rained the first day

You may be wondering why Seattle is spelled so strangely in the title, well, if you sound it out, that is how someone with a thick Punjabi accent says Seattle.

Strangely, this was my first Sikh event that was put on my Indian Sikhs. It was just awesome to be around a bunch of Punjabis for three days.

The camp was set in the beautiful forest of western Washington. There was not enough down time to just sit and stare at the trees and water and sky.

there were narrow paths through the trees

Sometime you should watch geese as they float along. They bob their heads in a really cute way to push themselves forward through the water

The water was SO clear

Beautiful blue skies and water to match

This just takes my breath away

The reflections, the colors, the sunrises were magical

So, apart from the beautiful nature around me, I met some wonderfully warm-hearted people who I feel I can now call my spiritual brothers and sisters.

Sujot Kaur wanted us to take a picture of her because she matched the Guru that day

The theme of the camp was centered around Art and related to that theme we had some cool workshops where we were told to think outside the box and just CreAte!

The art workshop was the first one, great way to kick start the camp

Awesome workshop on the history of warfare in Sikhism

We learned some practical self-defense tactics like how to get out of a headlock

The camp also had a large focus on the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, meditation, kirtan and morning prayers. If you are interested in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred text of the Sikh tradition you can access the entire book online here:

There is just so many good things I could say about this camp. I just had a blast being in the woods for three days with my Sikh brothers and sisters meditating, playing music, being silly, playing sports, and just relating about life! It is always comforting when you meet people who have similar mindsets as you, who understand where you are coming from. I guess it can make me feel like I am less alone. Ultimately, we are all alone, but it is nice to know there are others out there living a similar spiritual path, and feeling the same alone-ness that I am. So, in a way, we are all united by our ultimate loneliness.


Hargobind and I on the drive home. I've always liked pictures of reflections.

So a little update on Argentina, I am leaving August 29th from home and will arrive in Buenos Aires at 9:20am on August 30th. Also, I finally found my reading list and there are 5 books under required readings. They said to bring our notes.   😮

I’m not even halfway through “History of Latin America from Spanish Colonization to Alfonsin”. I will keep ya’ll updated on Argentina updates. As the program is approaching, SIT is sending me more and more information about my program and specifically what I’ll be doing. I’m so stoked!




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