My dear friend,

…you have always been there for me when I needed you. I think that some show of appreciation is in order. I’ve been basking in your flowing tunes for years and you’ve helped me through some tears

…and some long nights at the library.

You make my heart swell. You  make me want to be like you, so fluid and perfect, like the way you love to caress my ears.

I fall deeper in love with you every time I hear you,

You just make me want to dance with reckless abandon, flinging my body parts in all directions with no tecnique at all. To let it all go and give it to you.

You make me feel like I could hold the air in my fists and shake the world.

You make me closer to my God.

Wake everyone up.

I almost feel like I’ve got a special love affair with everyone who births you into this world for me to nurture in my heart. Your mothers and fathers have such courage and grace in how they care for you and present you to the world.

My dear music, I love you.


I think it’s about time I gave back…


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