A New Chapter to Write

in my book of life is beginning today. I am off to live in Argentina for four months. I am scared, and excited, and nervous. So much planning and thought has happened in the past 6 months to lead me to this moment. When you spend so much time and energy focusing on one thing, off in the distant future somewhere, when it finally appears in the headlights it is still a surprise. I got so used to thinking about going to Argentina, actually leaving it’s like, “Wait, WHAT am I doing?!?”

I know in my gut that this experience is going to be mind-blowing, life-altering, eye-opening. My only expectation is that I am open to learn whatever I can down there.

It is silly that I am so nervous really, I mean I have been away from home for 9 months at a time when I attended Miri Piri Academy in India for high school. http://www.miripiriacademy.org/ That was totally different though. I had already visited the school before I went for my first year and I had friends already there. Also, the school had a big focus on Kundalini yoga, meditation and living a Sikh lifestyle.

Ah well, no use fussing now, it is happening, haha and there is nothing I can do about it, although I did have thoughts of just not going…

The unknown can be so scary sometimes, even if it is something that you want so badly and have been planning for! It feels like now that

This program will be a great test for me to be able to maintain who I am in a different environment. They say that your environment helps to shape who you are, so I am excited (and nervous) to get out of the comfort zone of my family and the community I have grown up in, and be cast out into the wide open world. I have been yearning for this opportunity to do something hands on instead of sitting in classes taking notes all day and long nights at the library. This program is focused on experiential-based learning. YES! One of the seminars I am taking, Regional Integration, Development, and Social Change is going to consist of excursions around the city of Buenos Aires, to rural Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and Uruguay! Praise the Lord! This is awesome!

Don’t worry, I’ll update my blog whenever I get a chance and will upload tons of pictures.

This trip is forcing me to ask myself a lot of important questions, like Who Am I? I know that sounds all “woo woo” but I’m serious. I’m at a point in my life where I am developing consistencies within myself that I will maintain throughout my life. It’s pretty awesome.

I have so much to look forward to in my life! I want to be able to serve many people during my life. I also want to have a happy home life. I know I’ve got some more adventures around the world to fulfill first. I’m reminding myself to look forward to that, but also be in this moment and enjoy my life, no matter what I am doing or who I am with.

Happiness runs in a circular motion

Life is like a little boat upon the sea

Everybody is a part of everything anway

You can have it all if you let yourself be

Why-o? Because!


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