Argentina: Mi Tierra Nueva!

I am finally here! It is more beautiful than I could have imagined. I was plopped right into the program the second I got here so I am very tired.

I got in this morning at 9:30am,
went through customs, got my bags and was whisked off by a nice man who works for SIT named Paulo.
There was another guy on my flight from Houston, Joey.
We were taken to a lovely ranch outside of Buenos Aires where we met the rest of the members of our group.
There are still three students missing who are arriving tomorrow.
We arrived during a break in the program, so we dumped our things in our rooms and went to meet everyone else.
All these kids are so nice and I have only spent a few hours with them so far but we are all starting to feel like a big family.
I was hungry so they fed me some cornflakes and strawberry kefir and fruit (kiwi, pear, apple, orange).
Fancy and yum!
Then we had another orientation period where our program director, Ana talked about security and things to be aware of.
We broke up into groups and talked about possible scenerios we might find ourselves in and what we should do.
After that we had lunch, there is one other girl who is vegetarian (thank god! I have a buddy) There are also a few others who consider themselves mild vegetarians...So there
was a LOT of meat at lunch that was getting passed around but for us vegetarians they served us salad of greens, carrots and red cabbage, grilled veggies and these breaded cheese burger things and grilled squash with more cheese and veggies on top.
After lunch we had free time (well we are still having free time) until 4:30 when the few of us who arrived today will meet with Ana and have a conversation with her in spanish and she will decide which level we should be placed in.
Not sure what else is happening today.
Earlier I was playing frisbee and soccer with everyone and playing with the dogs and watching the horses.
This journey has been such a whirlwind experience so far...
I think I'm going to go take a nap before my meeting with Ana.
I didn't really sleep much on the plane.
The ride from Houston to Buenos Aires was over 10 hours!

It is so beautiful here, birds are chirping, leaves are blowing in the wind.
The air is cold and crisp and chilly in the shade.
Clouds pass infront of the sun every once in a while but for the most part it is clear blue skies.
There are some things that remind me of India.
I think I have already fallen in love with this place and I haven't even seen the city.
Sorry, parents, you might not see me back in January  :) hehe, it is too soon to tell though.
Love Love Love!

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