the land of Dulce de Leche and Combat Boots

yep, that is Buenos Aires. First of all, I’d like to apoligize for that sorry excuse of a blog post below, you all really were jiped cause that was just an email I wrote to some friends and family that I copied and pasted here. As you can see the formatting didn’t transfer well and some of the sentences were cut off but I didn’t have time to write much and I thought it was better than nothing. I actually can’t write a full post right now as I still have a lot of reading I need to do before my first class tomorrow at 9:30am. Just wanted to say hello and I’m alive!

For those of you who don’t know, I am living in Buenos Aires for the next three and a half months through a study abroad program.

I am quite dazed still from the sudden change in culture and language. Buenos Aires is nothing like my small hometown of Eugene, Oregon.

I am also having issues with connecting my camera to my computer to put up pictures. I brought my nice Nikon D40 and also a small, simple digital camera. The small one connects fine but for some reason my HP netbook does not recognize the Nikon. I hope it will cause I prefer to use the Nikon to take pictures. For now you will have to be satisfied with these blurry pictures of my new room in my cute, little apartment in the neighborhood of Belgrano in Buenos Aires.

My bed!

i have a rack to hang my jackets, scarves, pants, a small dresser in the corner for the rest of my clothes, shelves for books, and a desk for school work

Necessito leer ahora por mis clases manana! Ciao!

Anyone who would like to know more specifics of my stay here, cultural differences, etc, just ask, or you can email me at


2 thoughts on “the land of Dulce de Leche and Combat Boots

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