I miss the river and the forest..but this city is starting to grow on me

what I miss about Oregon. fall creek the week before I left for Argentina.

first pรญcture i took in Argentina. at a ranch, Don Manuel, outside the city where we had our first few days of orientation

a cutie at Don Manuel

me encanta los perritos!

Cafe, medialuna (crosaint) with butter, dulce de leche and marmalade and straberry kefir!

Anita, yo, Pablo and one of our hosts from Don Manuel

primero examen yikes!!! Placement test for spanish.

view from the balcony at I.D.E.S. where we have some of our classes in the Palermo neighborhood

dulce de leche helado!!!!!

the group.

i think this picture is cool. Anna on our hotel rooftop (we discovered we could climb out of our window onto the roof)

we were on the 9th floor = lots of stairs

orientation and handing out of maps and bus schedules at Ana Rita's house

Liz and Noah dancing to the live band's music at Ana Rita's


One of our first days in the city, our program sent us out in small groups of 3-4 with each group going to a different part of the city to explore and report back in a few hours. My group went to explore part of Belgrano.

church in Belgrano. i've fallen in love with the churches here. they are a peaceful and much needed break from the bustle of the streets

Belgrano street....and Ernie

crosswalk across the wide streets

park in Belgrano. love these twisty trees


our little dining table and Marcela's artwook on the wall


Lola, one of my host-mother's dogs


sun room at mi casa


our roof-top garden. there is a nice table and chairs up here where i like to study in the sun


class, topic: regional integration, development and social change in Argentina


in Palermo


I.D.E.S. in Palermo


yo y Anita one of our program directors


subway, how i get to school every morning, convenient but always super crowded


cool kids on the subway, Diana, Billy and Caroline


uno mas iglesia, this one is on the edge of Plaza de Mayo in el centro de la ciudad


8 thoughts on “I miss the river and the forest..but this city is starting to grow on me

  1. I love all the pictures!! Your house that your staying in is so cute and cozy. I adore the sunroom and rooftop, and the dogs!! So cute! I hope you are having a wonderful time, I miss you!

    • i know eh? A few days ago was Feliz Primavera, first day of spring and a celebration here, no school for the students of Argentina, but of course we had school cause we are only Americans in Argentina.

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