I have to keep pinching myself

to remind myself I am in Argentina. Things are starting to actually feel normal, my life is starting to have a routine. It´s good but at the same time I can feel myself starting to look at this city with different eyes, more relaxed eyes. Things which used to pop out at me before are starting to become normal.

So I am soooo happy because my host mother has a guitar! When she showed it to me last week I think I literally jumped for joy. I started playing a lot more this summer and was sad when I came here cause I thought I would loose the caluses on my fingers I worked so hard for.

I have been slacking in class though. I have been spending too much time exploring the city, making new friends and playing guitar when I should be reading for class. Whoopsies. Its annoying because I know that the majority of my learning is taking place outside of the classroom, why should I have to sit in a chair listening to someone lecture for 5+ hours a day when it is a gorgeous day outside and there are places to go and people to meet! Such is life though, Ive always been really bad with being able to sit still for any extended period of time. Im one of those people that learns better interacting and moving and exploring.

There will be more of that. I mean every week we have a field trip to some cool place in the city and learn about it, plus we are going to Brazil and Paraguay. I really shouldnt be complaining…

Random favor to ask, if anyone knows how to hack a linux operating system please let me know. Ive forgotten the master password for my little pc netbook which is running linux and it is really cramping my style. I cant connect my ipod, computer, flashdrives, digital recorder or phone to it. Dont have itunes or skype. Sad day. Im also going to scope out a computer shop and see if someone here can help me. I might just resort to installing windows. Dont think I really have anything too important on my computer that isnt in my external hardrive at home.

The last few days have been kinda hum drum. Riding the subway to school, school, lunch, more school, go to a cafe, study (or pretend to study and just end up talking with friends the whole time, but the conversation is so good it feels worth it) go home, eat dinner, procrastinate doing homework some more, maybe do some homework, go to sleep, wake up, etc etc.

A few of my friends in the program have expressed interest in doing some yoga and meditation with me. Ive got my own little practice in the evening and morning but it would be really nice to find a space where I could meet up with my friends. We might end up meeting in the park sometime this week to meditate. 🙂

Walking through el Centro, where the Plaza de Mayo is and also the University of Buenos Aires, where I have Spanish class in the afternoon, it feels like walking through the matrix. At least on the way to UBI. El centro has a lot of the main bank branches in these really tall, old European-style stone and marble buildings and everyone is walking around in suits with straight faces and breifcases. People smoke a lot here too.

I bought a calling card the other day and got to talk to my parents!    😀   It was the first time Id talked to them since I arrived. Sooo nice.

Youtube search ¨lighthouse Yogi Bhajan¨ it will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

Well I came to this internet cafe cause I was locked out of my apartment, going to go see if my host mother is home yet cause I would really like to take a siesta before going to a cafe for a study sesh…


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