Visita en la Ciudad

boy chasing pigeons in Plaza de Mayo

street view to plaza de mayo

cute apartments in San Telmo neighborhood

if you ever come to BA, walk down defensa ave. from plaza de mayo in San Telmo

plaza at the end of Defensa ave. in San Telmo, cute!

tango performance in Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo

girl drawing, tourist with a big camera like me!

in san telmo

cute second level

que linda!

Christina Kirchner is the current president, elections are coming up in October

cute guy on the way to school

walk here everyday to get to class, Avenida Santa Fe in Palermo neighborhood

along Avenida de Mayo which connects to Plaza de Mayo en el Centro

along Avenida de Mayo

Nueve de Julio, the widest street in Buenos Aires, takes three stoplights to get across

associating Cristina Kirchner and her husband (who died last year in October) with Juan and Evita Peron

cute old couple holdin hands (awww)

nom nom nom everyday

36 Billares, an old famous cafe in Buenos Aires, just down the street from Cafe Tortini, basically THE most famous cafe in Buenos Aires, both on Avenida de Mayo. Tortini has become a tourist trap so ive heard and the prices are higher there than anywhere else.

my saturday

my saturday cont...

oh Lola!

Uma wants some scratches!

Universidad de Buenos Aires, there are different buildings all over the city that house different parts of the university. This is the language building tucked in between banks and other businesses in el Centro, where we have spanish class three times a week in the afternoons

there were more policemen in plaza de mayo that day because there was a protest planned for later that day


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