Mate, Museums and Madres

Diane and Billy throwing up peace signs along Avenida de Mayo. Notice the workers protest forming behind them. Protests are a common sight in el centro, around the plaza de mayo, nbd.

A museum visit with the program, different big events over the years in Argentina, significant events over the 1900s, military dictatorships, the processs of industrialization, economic crisis of 2001...

there were press, tourists, and other groups of people milling around the plaza when the mothers drove up in ther own marked van

then everyone crowded around to get pictures of them

Following video is a bit melodramatic I know, and the song too, well that is just kinda Sting for you, but this is a song he wrote about the Mothers of the Plaza. Lyrics are quite nice I think, sensitive and sweet. How can you begin to describe how they must feel…

(if you cant handle the melodrama, there is a second link with just lyrics on a black screen)

There are more pictures to add to this post but my camera just ran out of battery and it is 3am so I guess it is a sign its time to go to bed. Finally I have a bit of extended time on the computer here in Pujato with a few days without classes, but Ive also gotta catch up on sleep. I have to be up and ready tomorrow (today) by 10:30 to go conduct an interview with a man who used to run a factory where they made agricultural tools. I could talk a lot more about this, soja (soy) is the main crop cultivated here in Argentina, and Pujato is a town of less than 4,00 most of whom are working in some way that is connected with the agricultural industry. The man I am interviewing tomorrow (today) I believe also opperated machines which distributed pesticides to the soja fields. I am kinda thinking I want to write my thesis (ISP project) on something related to the agricultural industry in Argentina. Maybe how the concentration on soja production has effected rural populations, health, opportunities in life, what it means to live in a rural pueblo…the focus on soja production has changed the way that people live their lives here, and there are sooooo many butterfly effects that have turned up because of that. Would be reeeeeally interesting to explore for me cause I am very against mono-crops and imported food. Im all about biodiversity and local local local, but there is a problem for Argentinians if all the famers are growing soja, therefore maize and other basic foods consumed by Argentinians have to be imported from other countries. Will leave you with a beautiful song, translation of the lyrics are in the description. They are worth a read.
here is another version sung by Mercedes Sosa, an Argentinan singer, with subtitles for the english spoken people

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