I’m kinda addicted to writing, so you know I must be busy if I’m not

I have literally been collapsing on my bed for the past week and getting up and going going going for the whole day with no time to write. Just felt like I should briefly mention what I’ve been up to. Well, last friday and saturday Gurubachan Singh was in town, there was a dinner for him friday and then saturday he taught an amazing meditation class in a posh yoga center in a kinda upperscale hipster neighborhood to about 70+ people. Last sunday I left for Porto Alegre, Brazil for the week with my program. We had classes on the economy, political and development history, Brazil’s involvement in MERCOSUR (the common market between Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina) and a few intro classes of Portuguese. Also got to listen to live samba music, learn how to dance samba and also other traditional brazilian dances, and ate the most amazing array of delicious fruits of my life. Friday afternoon we took an overnight bus to Foz de Iguazu in the south of Brazil on the Argentinan border. Saturday we spent the day exploring and marveling at the wonder of Iguazu Falls, you gotta look it up, it’s amazing. It was a profound experience for me, there is so much we can learn from our environment, the Earth has much wisdom that I think is often overlooked in our fast-paced city lives. This morning (sunday) our group of 22 students split and half took a bus to Paraguay and the other half took a plane back to Buenos Aires to stay with our homestays for a night. Tomorrow morning (in 7ish hours)


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