An Argentinian Update

So I have been very busy late, hence the not writing blog posts since October thing, so embarrassing, gah, also I kinda forgot my password for a while and had to re-set it. Story of my life. I actually almost wrote a blog post last night. I got really inspired after a talk with my host mother and I wanted to write about her, but then I just got to tired. I have been more tired here than I think I ever have been in my entire life. I think it is something about learning a new language, your brain is working extra hard to understand, the spanish IS starting to stick a bit though, people keep telling me my spanish is good, but I just say “what?! you’re crazy…”

Funny note before I talk about my host-mum. There are a TON of words that are very similar to english in spanish that have the same meaning, but others not so much. For example, a word similar to embarrassed in spanish is embarazada, but don’t go saying “estoy embarazada” (estoy=I am) because then you will be telling everyone you are pregnant. Yep. Made that mistake a few times in the beginning…

Another one, exitada. You might think, oh yeah that sounds like excited right? Ok, estoy exitada! Careful with that one, yes you are saying you are excited…but sexually, so right time right place eh?

Ok, so yesterday I talked my host-mother Marcela about her work. She is a psychologist primarily but also can give massage and reiki treatments. She has a cozy room for her office in our apartment with mattresses and pillows on the floor, altars with crystals and candles, a bookshelf with psychology books…anyway it’s super cozy. When someone comes to the door, she greets them warmly, like she is greeting an old friend and welcomes them into her office to sit and joins them shortly after grabbing a new mate to share with them.

(this is something else about Argentinian culture I can talk about more late, but the word “mate” actually refers to the special cup from which you drink the tea, yerba mate, but you can also use it to refer to the act of drinking tea. Whenever I get into a conversation with Argentinians and they see my mate, they say excitedy “te gusta tomar mate?! you like to drink mate!? When you say yerba you are referring to the tea itself…but you could also be referring to marijuana so be careful with that one too cause yerba really just means herb) As you can see, and as you know if you’ve read my blog before, I’m all about the tangents…

So my host mom, she is this short lively lady with shoulder-length curly black hair, a huge smile that is contageous and bright brown eyes. She is very animated and also very caring. I am always hearing lots of laughter coming from her office while she is working. I asked her about that, and she replied that it is better to get her patients to be able to laugh at their situation in life, or more importantly at their egos and be able to say, HAHAHA ego you are so silly that you did that, said that, wanted that… she says that laughter cuts through blocks people can have.

She also acted out for me how she considers that it is like she is encouraging people to pinch their egos on the butt and say hey! what do you think you are doing!? get back here you ego you! Suddenly the ego is surprised and scared and powerless. Imagine this little woman acting out being an ego and pinching her own butt, oh my god I laughed so hard. She also acted out how fear can be for some of her patients. Fear is like big ugly fat man who is eating you up. What you have to do, is turn right around, pinch that fear in the butt and eat it back! The big fat ugly man who is fear will be so surprised he won’t know what to do.

She tells her patients to keep up. Just as I have always been told by my papa, keep up, keep up, just like Yogi Bhajan used to say, she says it too. I don’t know maybe I sound closed-minded but I have to admit that growing up in a very sheltered religious and spiritual community I did sometimes get to thinking like this conscious viewpoint on life is ours.. I used to be a lot more closed to other people who didn’t have the same background as me, scared they wouldn’t understand me, wouldn’t care to, they weren’t on the same “level” as I was. I know god i sound so egotistical. I will admit it, I am, got a lot more butt-pinching-of-the-ego to do in my life. Well,  studying abroad here in Argentina I am more on my own than I have ever been in my life and in a completely new culture and country, one that is very friendly and welcoming. I have met so many amazing people who I can relate to.

In spanish I could say, they are an ” amigo mio” my friend, but meaning also like your friend that you identify with, you two have things in common, you get each other. Ahora, tengo muchos amigas mios aca en Buenos Aires. Me encantaria quedar aca por mucho tiempo, pero la vida es como asi, y todos las cosas pasan…

might slightly be showing off my spanish here, and if I make any mistakes all you native spanish speakers, porfavor tu puedes decimi como puedo hacerlo correcto…

so much more to say……………


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