Alrightie, so I have seemingly dropped off the face of the planet lately because my independent study period has begun. I am horrible at compartmentalizing things therefore i am living, eating breathing my project which is good and bad. Sometimes i can also suck at focusing so these two things put together sometimes lead me to stress myself out unnecessarily. Lets just say there have been a lot of tears and I have been seriously tempted to take advantage of my WWOOF Argentina ( membership and disappear into the countryside….like at least 5 times

It is comforting to think about the grand scheme of things, in two weeks this project will be done. 20-40 pages in spanish and a 20 minute project. I will have it done. I’m writing about the history and development of the Agricultural Industry in Argentina after the 1970s and talking also about alternative forms of development such as small communities who use permaculture. At least it’s interesting…

It’s just so funny though. I was so excited to get through the first few months of the program to get to this point so I would have more free time but now that it’s here, times feels to be moving faster than ever. I hope that someday I could have the opportunity to continue this avenue of study with a more flexible time schedule. It’s tough to have a deadline looming. I feel like Frodo during his long trek to Mordor…the closer he was, the more deranged he became.

Learning a lot about myself as always. I gotta work on compartmentalizing, focusing but also chilling out.

Work hard. Play hard. and leave the past in the past. I have made SOOOOO many mistakes during this project, mis-communications because of the spanish and the pressure is on cause I only have a month (now 2 weeks). I can’t bring back the lost time. Time to buckle down and work.

Yogi Bhajan taught these 5 sutras, or sayings to remember during the Aquarian Age. One that is really good is,

“When the pressure is on, start and the pressure will be off” This article gives a nice ‘lil explanation

On another note, here is a resource that my mum actually recommended and am finding quite useful for a beginners guide to econ.

Also while we are on this topic, something somewhat related that everyone should see is this:




2 thoughts on “Resources

    • OMG that is so exciting!!!! Yeah I’m bummed I wasn’t able to work it into my program, and I don’t quite have enough time after my program ends and before I go back to winter term at university of oregon to fit something in. Honestly I’ve had second thoughts about going back at all! I could just stay here and woof and teach yoga.

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