Will the real China please stand up?

So I’m writing a paper outlining the current political conflict between China and Taiwan. The main body of the paper is about proposed solutions to the current conflict. It’s all very silly and complicated so to bring you up to speed there is this handy youtube video by these guys with lovely accents. Watch:

Ok, get it now? Taiwan wants to be recognized for the independent sovereign nation it is, but China threatens to attack if it declares independence and has also threatened economic sanctions on anyone who has diplomatic relations with Taiwan. China still believes Taiwan is a rogue territory that will come back under its communist rule at some point.

So basically I’m proposing a three part peace plan:

#1 China and Taiwan continue to emphasize relations that have proven to work aka trade, investment in each others economies, trust-building measures such as cultural and educational exchanges, etc

#2 A timeline for mutual political recognition. At this point, both governments of China and Taiwan identify themselves as the sole government of China. That makes no sense but at the same time neither are quite yet ready to come together and talk it out so hence, a timeline. Goal: mutual agreement that they are separate nations and that its going to stay that way. This talk is only going to happen though when China agrees to recognize the Taiwanese government and when the people of Taiwan stop fearing their politicians will cede Taiwan to China.

#3 Mutual disarmament and decreased US involvement. The US is currently Taiwan’s #1 arms supplier which kinda pisses off China and the US has said that if China ever invades that it will be “of the gravest concern to the US”…whatever that means.


What did you think?

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