Jodhaa Akbar I love you

I am a sucker for romantic Hindi movies. Maybe it’s the Punjabi in me, but I absolutely love it when everyone breaks into song and dance and when the couples have these cutesy chase scenes in random places. Also, I really love period pieces about ancient times of kings and queens. This movie takes place in beautiful temples and everyone is always dressed in exquisite jewel-studded swaths of silken beautiful-ness.

I threw out my back this morning…sad day, but on a positive note, it did give me an excuse to watch this 3 hour Hindi movie which I’m sure I would not have allowed myself to do under any other circumstances.

I have a serious celebrity crush on Jalaluddhin Muhamad Akhbar….too bad he died in 1605. Jodha Akbar, is based on him and his wife (well she was one of his 30+ wives really) who was influential in his court and on him becoming more tolerant of other religions since he was a Muslim and she was a Hindu.

I know that this movie has idealized him, but I don’t really care cause I’m still pretty smitten with the way they portray him as so honorable and respectful. Surveying his wikipedia page, this popped out at me: “He is most appreciated for having a liberal outlook on all faiths and beliefs and during his era, culture and art reached a zenith as compared to his predecessors.” Hot.

“Akbar adopted the Sulh-e-Kul (or Peace to All) concept of Sufism as official policy, integrated many Hindus into high positions in the administration, and removed restrictions on non-Muslims, thereby bringing about a composite and diverse character to the nobility.  As a mark of his respect for all religions, he ordered the observance of all religious festivals of different communities in the imperial court.” Why don’t we have rulers like this nowadays?

This is a great post about his religious views It seems that his religious tolerance was affected mainly because of his mother, contact with Sufis and his Rajput wives, mainly Jodhaa Bai (who was the Hindu one).

Jodhaa Bai, his third wife

Why are so many people concerned with their religious title? What faith do you identify with? What ARE you? What do you practice? What do you believe in? Why does it even matter? When it comes down to it…it really doesn’t matter at all. I have met people who didn’t identify with a religion but were the most selflessly caring and uplifting people I have met. I know other people who wear traditional religious garb, recite daily prayers, and do all the “right” things according to their faith, but they can be extremely rude, negative and inconsiderate. A religion is a positive influence on your life if the teachings go into your heart and soul and cause you to be a better person because of it. Take the best and leave the rest. Organized religion in general I feel has some major faults. There are many aspects of some of the ancient religions that have been altered at some point not to bring people closer to their God but to control them. It is important to always go back to the core teachings and re-question yourself what they are really saying, and what are they saying to YOU. Your relationship with your spiritual beliefs is unique and your connection to whatever you believe is not going to be the same as the next person. What do you think?

Just love, serve and try not to hurt others.

Enough of this serious talk…back to the my new celebrity crush. Can I still call him that if he has been dead for 400+ years? I appreciate that there are such sweet love scenes in this movie. I’d rather see this than a full-on sex scene hands down any day.

This is another one of my favorite scenes. The Sufi chanting is just beautiful and their dancing is beautiful and it is really sweet how he gets up and dances with them at the end    🙂   The dance that Sufis do is so peaceful. That is their form of prayer, to dance to the divine. Love.


2 thoughts on “Jodhaa Akbar I love you

  1. I loved this movie.
    Loven everything about it. I just stumpled on the movie by accidentell on the net.
    I’m born in Iran as muslim, had to flee the war 1986 to Sweden.
    Now I’m 40 and finally have learned an history of our past. And finally have seen a movie of a historical person who had great power and was open minded to all order religions.
    I’m also in love.

    • Wow what a great story! I’m glad that your family was able to get away. It really is a beautifully made movie. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but no matter, it is meant to be entertainment after all. 🙂

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