Feeling stuck in a rut?


WARNING: This video may induce a sudden urge to buy a one-way ticket to an exotic island, sleep around with hot foreign guys and party hardy.

…only you can set yourself free.
; )
Watch and I’m sure you won’t regret it.
3:46 is when it gets really good.
…the end is sucky, but at least she died happy…

My latest obsession, Skrillex

Ok, I have to admit I was never a HUGE fan of the DJ Skrillex in the past, but after listening to this album I’m so down with his work. He is an amazing artist. This album really got me. I was dancing in my chair the entire time, and I am super picky with my music. It has to have a really good beat to make me want to move. I really appreciate that he is doing some really experimental things with mixing different genres that I’ve never heard.  I think what really got me was the last part which is classical! What the…..? It still has the same tune from earlier in the album, but there is no deep beat behind it. Soooo cool. I really like the hip hop beats that he mixes in along with sometimes kinda creepy synthesizers.

WARNING: If you are sensitive to loud noises or deep bass or electronic music at all then this is not for you. For example, I know my mum would get a headache listening to this.

Music is like wine. You can taste it and savor it and discuss it, or chug the cheap stuff just cause you wanna get drunk.

Need a movie to watch?

Goethe In Love: “It took a broken heart to inspire him to greatness…” This movie is about aspiring German poet, Johann Goethe and a young love with Lotte. Their romance is innocent and sweet, but impractical as Goethe has yet to develop his career, and Lotte’s father is looking to marry her off to a rich man who can take over as family benefactor. Amid the romance, Goethe has to deal with druggie friends and a father who is disappointed in his son’s passion for poetry and lack of interest in Law. Their feelings for each other are growing until there is a bit of a twist and there is some good ol’ love triangle shit going on. This movie definitely pulled at my heart strings, and left me feeling nostalgic, but also happy for how Goethe turns out. “We will always be together. if not in life, than in poetry.” I’m not going to copy it all here, but I found this wikipedia page on quite entertaining, especially the “Cultural Impact” section. Apparently Napoleon Bonaparte was a fan. BO$$.

Spring summer fall winter and spring: (link to watch it on youtube!) It is a sweet tale about a Buddhist monk who is training a young boy. It follows the boy as he grows and encounters challenges in his spiritual lifestyle. “The film is divided into five segments (the five seasons of the title), each segment depicting a different stage in the life of a Buddhist monk. The segments are roughly ten to twenty years apart, and the action of each takes place during the season of its title.”

The Human Experience: This movie is a documentary made by a few guys from NYC who go on a quest to “find themselves” and just answer some of those fundamental questions we all ask. They start off by living with the homeless in NYC, and end up in various parts of South America and Africa. This movie is very touching and eye-opening. Just stop it like 5 minutes before the end cause his final words are a bit “duh” and cheesy. I found it very inspiring and moving and it even managed to pull out a few tears.

Silk: on youtube! A really sweet love story about a man who starts traveling to Japan to bring back silkworms to grow the economy of his small town, and the love of his life who he leaves behind each time. It is about his deepening understanding of his feelings for her, and what he learns about himself along the way. Really good, sweet and inspiring.

Something New: A pretty cute romantic comedy.

Caramel: Lebanese romance. “Layal (Nadine Labaki) works in a beauty salon in Beirut along with 3 other women. Each one has a problem: Layal has a relationship with a married man, Nisrine (Yasmine Al Masri) who is no more a virgin, will soon be married, Rima (Joanna Moukarzel) is lesbian and Jamal (Gisèle Aouad) is worried about getting old. Rose (Sihame Haddad), a tailor with a shop next to the salon, is an old lady who devoted her life to take care of her older sister, have found her first love.”


Others I recommend:

Shakespear In Love