Placebo “Running Up That Hill” – This song was on the O.C.

So if you watched the O.C. you would recognize it. The O.C. was really good about promoting new bands. These guys are originally from England and have been described as glam rock/ alternative rock/ post-punk revival/ Brit-rock and gothic rock. Enjoy!

Aw shit this music video is intense. You’d be surprised tho, how many kids have parents who are mentally unstable or mentally not-present and the kids are forced to grow up fast so they can take care of themselves and their parents. 

MØ – Danish singer

Her name means Maiden or Virgin and she is so unique and awesome! According to Wikipedia, her love for the Spice Girls was her inspiration for starting to make music. She started becoming known only last year, 2013!

This is an awesome remix of one of her first hits “Pilgrim” by another great band, Ms Mr.

Need Something More

I’m needing more creative expression in my life. I’m working a job that is serving it’s purpose…but it is not where my passions lie.

I want more

This is the best ted talk I have ever watched. Follow your impulses. When you have an idea, write it down, act on it. You are the only thing standing in your way of what you want.

New Music Revolution coming out of Egypt


Electro-Chaabi. I just heard of it on NPR this morning. It is a genre of music mixing traditional sounds with modern hip-hop, rap, reggeaton, and electronic.

Electro-Chaabi is: “Emancipation of the body and unspoken words, the transgression of religious taboos.
Much more than a simple musical phenomenon, electro chaabi is a salutary discharge for a youth haunted by the shackles that the Egyptian society imposes….Victims of corruption and social segregation, the youth of the poorer neighbourhoods exorcize their strife by partying…”(1)

Enjoy 😉