These Music Videos…

Love this music video. Not sure if I just like looking at Rhianna because she is so pretty…but it is also so visually appealing. See for yourself:

OK. This next one is by Beyonce, but was written by Sia (see the video in my blog post about Sia from October 20th, 2014). The message of this song is what I love about it and how it examines our culture and how we value image too much sometimes…to the point where it hurts.

Guest Post: Guru Amar’s Journey to Montana!

Guru Amar Khalsa

I guess I sort of fail at this whole blogger thing. And not that I haven’t traveled anywhere lately, quite the opposite actually.

After Paris in May, I rushed off to the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana for a long, insane week in June, and then Alaska for most of July. So, it’s almost been too much, you could say. But, never too much, I can’t complain, I loved it all.

I love rushing around and staying busy, and Montana fit that more than adequately. The opportunity to be a part of one of my favorite professor’s side projects came up a couple months before June, but there were so many complications, and funding issues that I gave up all hope of going. Until a week before he was planning on flying out there.

It was the Friday before dead week, the week before exams, which was essentially finals week to me as…

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