New Music Revolution coming out of Egypt


Electro-Chaabi. I just heard of it on NPR this morning. It is a genre of music mixing traditional sounds with modern hip-hop, rap, reggeaton, and electronic.

Electro-Chaabi is: “Emancipation of the body and unspoken words, the transgression of religious taboos.
Much more than a simple musical phenomenon, electro chaabi is a salutary discharge for a youth haunted by the shackles that the Egyptian society imposes….Victims of corruption and social segregation, the youth of the poorer neighbourhoods exorcize their strife by partying…”(1)

Enjoy 😉


Feeling stuck in a rut?


WARNING: This video may induce a sudden urge to buy a one-way ticket to an exotic island, sleep around with hot foreign guys and party hardy.

…only you can set yourself free.
; )
Watch and I’m sure you won’t regret it.
3:46 is when it gets really good.
…the end is sucky, but at least she died happy…

How much passion can one heart hold?

just leave me here love

I just get so filled up with…well, with what? Love? Oh god that sounds so cheesy. Lust for life? Maybe.

I bet you have already heard this song already but it is one of those ones you can’t listen to just once in a row. It amazes me how relevant this song is for so many people I know right now, myself included. This song has everything going for it, good lyrics, good vocals, good background music. Oh and not to mention the music video is captivating. Raw.

Whatever it is, it makes me want to throw all social norms out the fucking window and dance and sing at the top of my lungs. There are not many things I can do in a daily routine that will quell this thirst of self-expression.


I want to be in the woods. I want to commune with the trees and the natural cycles of life, not this concrete jungle that force feeds me lies of an ethnocentric, consumerist culture focused on the individual.

I’m figuring out how to channel this energy into more productive things than dreams. Dreams ain’t gonna pay the bills or save the world* (my #1 priority)

a piece of my heart was left there

I love how he just belts this out, and the guitar is pleasantly reminiscent of Vampire Weekend.

*I have a healthy understanding that no person, no matter how amazing can “save” the world. It is just too long and wide and contains way too many conflicting interests for anyone to feel burdened by this grand task. There is no need to place so much pressure on yourself. Still, I am an optimist and will never give up the hope that maybe I will be able to effect some positive change that will last.

….   w  h e r e    do we go from here……..?